Ayraa Product Updates 3/30-4/7 '24

Ayraa Product Updates 3/30-4/7 '24
pc: DALL-E representing stalled threads, analytics & search improvements

This release covers Stalled threads, continued work on our upcoming Collections product, analytics for Zendesk & Salesforce, and several improvements to the Assist app.

New Features

  • Consider Slack reactions while marking threads as stalled or not
  • Verification-related flows for upcoming Collections product
  • Groundwork for supporting Zendesk analytics
  • Support for Salesforce analytics and insights

+3 other minor features

Feature Enhancements

  • Updated AI to perform better in multi-app search.
  • Increased the document referencing capacity of Assist 3x to ensure better responses.
  • Makeover to the Assist landing page with suggestions about ways to use it.
  • Adding Data & Document sources as references when Assist cites them in its response
  • Improved UX for time-range filter for the Search & Assist page
  • Several improvements for the Search & Assist page UX
  • Continued groundwork for Collections product
  • Ensures long queries to Assist provide helpful & relevant responses

Bug Fixes

  • Several Assist bug fixes
  • Several design-related bug fixes

+19 other miscellaneous fixes

Best Regards,

The designers of Ayraa

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