Ayraa Product Updates 3/22-3/29 '24

Ayraa Product Updates 3/22-3/29 '24
Groundwork for Insights by Ayraa!

In the recent strides of our journey, Ayraa continues to work on pivotal enhancements and features to elevate your workspace search & knowledge management experience.

New Features

  • This update ensures that only Workspace Owners can manage billing.
  • Multilingual support for queries and content. Users can now ingest data in various languages, run searches, and assist queries in these languages.
  • Support for call transcription and summaries of Zoom meetings for our upcoming Meetings product
  • Foundational work for 1.0 of Insights feature by Ayraa - the ability to run generalized queries on workplace data & move past text summaries
  • A powerful new dimension for AI-driven routing of backend APIs to aid with reliable knowledge sourcing and extraction
  • Automated daily security scans were implemented to find and fix security vulnerabilities proactively
  • Support for JIRA & Google Calendar for the upcoming Insights feature
  • Support for Salesforce.com pages in Rewind

+4 other miscellaneous features

Feature Enhancements

  • Ensure Discover insights and Stalled thread updates are sent to users who have installed the Slack bot.
  • Fix issues with Labels and Sprint values support for JIRA
  • Fixed an important security issue in the authentication process to prevent impersonation attacks
  • Foundational work for allowing backend data plumbing for Insights
  • Groundwork for allowing GPT to pick the right apps to query, making it possible to only bring knowledge from relevant apps for generative answers. This helps with inference accuracy & speed.
  • Improve production GPT context to 128K tokens to cover all Assist use cases comfortably
  • Reordering knowledge layout to ensure the highest confidence data is kept ahead in case token space is exhausted.

+19 other miscellaneous enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Data sources in citations should show correctly
  • Fix to make Ayraa emails render well on various devices and email clients
  • Fixed an important security issue in the authentication process to prevent impersonation attacks
  • Foundational work for getting citations to cover both documents/discussions with a clear link as a reference and data sources without a specific article/link to cite
  • Improved handling of prompt injection attempts at Ayraa

+26 other miscellaneous fixes

Best Regards,

- The architects of Ayraa

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