Ayraa Product Updates 3/11-3/21 '24

Ayraa Product Updates 3/11-3/21 '24
pc: DALL-E - Glassmorphic rendering of a collection of knowledge at work

This release has a ton of foundation work for our upcoming product - Collections, along with several features, enhancements & bug fixes.

New Features

  • Generate transcripts for your Zoom meetings
  • Groundwork for Collections product
  • Foundational work for Salesforce insights
  • Users can go PRO without needing to convert to company mode
  • Inject Discover summaries right into Slack threads as they happen
  • To further improve the speed of Recall links, we have introduced smart autosuggestions right in your browser

+2 other minor features

Feature Enhancements

  • Enhanced transcription capabilities of Rewind extension
  • Ensure Google Meet and Zoom transcripts do not crowd Assist but still benefit Search
  • Allow individuals to create teams even if not upgraded to a company workspace
  • Improved search results
  • Improving the timing of stalled thread reminders
  • Improved nudging of stalled threads
  • If the Slack bot hasn't been invited to the channel, use the OP to nudge the thread

+3 other miscellaneous enhancements

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue that caused newly created Recall links to not appear in Search results

+31 other miscellaneous fixes

Best Regards,

The makers of Ayraa

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