Ayraa Product Updates June 01-09, 2024

Ayraa Product Updates June 01-09, 2024
pc: DALL-E representing collections app and related changes

This release focuses on improving Collections by making it faster and more visually appealing.

Feature Enhancements

•  Upgraded the overall responsiveness of the "Collections" feature, making it even more user-friendly.

•  Made numerous updates to the Collections user interface, simplifying navigation and making it more intuitive.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

•  Resolved an issue causing deprecated cards to appear in Assist responses, leading to a streamlined search experience.

•  Fixed a bug that prevented the visibility of Collection items' verification status in Assist responses that referenced them.

•  Addressed several user interface issues, specifically focusing on the "Collections" feature for better usability.

+ 11 other miscellaneous fixes


Best Regards,

The designers of Ayraa

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