Ayraa Product Updates April 15-24, 2024

Ayraa Product Updates                  
April 15-24, 2024
pc: DALL-E representing Assist's enhancements for historical , non-threaded responses

This release has a lot of fun updates to Assist, along with several features, enhancements & bug fixes.

New Features:

  • Added the ability to query Assist for historical as well as current statuses of various activities in the workspace.
  • Ayraa can now consider emoji-based reactions to Slack messages while marking threads as stalled or not.
  • Added the ability to understand and include non-thread response messages in open channels in Assist responses.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Redesigned our sign-up page for a smoother experience.
  • Improved error messaging to make it easier to understand for users trying to connect the wrong Slack workspace handle at signup.
  • Enhanced the insights engine for better data analysis and reporting.

+ 4 other minor enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue of old references being displayed when Assist is generating a new response.
  • Fixed an issue that caused wrong or unclickable Gmail references to be sent in Assist responses.
  • Improved detection of the most appropriate Apps to fetch knowledge from, ensuring better search results.

+ 12 other miscellaneous fixes

Best Regards,

The makers of Ayraa

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